Delhi – Lotus Temple – P6

Lotus Temple –

Lotus Temple was one of the prime attractions in Delhi. It is called as House of Worship. Irrespective of religion, any one can Visit Lotus Temple to do the meditation.

In the Month of March, Delhi Climate was OK, but you wouldn’t sweat but still you will be tired. It requires a long stretch of walking to reach the Lotus Temple. So when you prepare to visit Lotus temple, It is good to go with water bottles. But it was a very beautiful place in Delhi. It will take almost close to 2 hours to reach and Come back  . 

If you are not interested in Meditation, then this place is not for you. This is the place for those who love Peace!

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    1. Yes. Inside, there is a hall , where you need to sit and meditate for few minutes.. try in the month of mid Feb to March ..

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