3 Category of People in an Organisation – Category 3 – C17

In the present world, working in an organization or so-called MNC’s that has a huge team size is the biggest challenge for everyone and to survive there is another challenge. You can witness many different types of characters in the industry and depending upon the situation how they change colors for their survival. I see only 3 types of people in any organization and you can easily fit them into 3 distinct categories

Category 3

Cat on the Wall –

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This category of People are less likely to be dangerous and at the same time, they also lack themselves in confidence, They will not trust themselves and will not say “YES” to the boss. In plenty of circumstances, they confuse a lot and feel frustrated in decision making due to lack of confidence. They also don’t worry about others on what exactly they do. They just concentrate on them and think themselves there is no offense. At times, you WILL need to take a side, if you don’t you will be isolated, that is the case here.

Pinpoints –

They don’t socialize much with the team and don’t want to speak up in a forum. They themselves think that others will feel bad about them if there is a chance given to them for decision making .

2 things define them – Shyness and Unknown Fear.

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Results –

This category of people often driven by emotions and they won’t try to take a minimal level of risk to move ahead in their life. They worry much about the survival and will be in an Illusion like, the company will lose them if they try for some other opportunities 🙂 lol 🙂 .This types of situation often trigger themselves to sit in a company for a very long time without any promotion nor hike. Finally, when they make a decision, it will be a disaster because of too much of the time being spent. They also never approach the Management for any help for their Issues. It is not a good sign for any reason. As far as Promotion or hike is concerned, it is not certain that it will happen as Promised as these people will hardly speak or raise their concerns for anything. Even if the hike doesn’t satisfy them, they afraid to voice the management. Its kind of comfort zone for these people and don’t want to take a risk in their life.

Reality –

No Company will worry about any employee. I agree, they will talk to you, consider you and convince you, but the ultimate truth is they don’t care and replace you with another. When it comes to business, there is NO place for emotions,

They call it “JUST BUSINESS NOTHING PERSONAL” that’s all.


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