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Lady’s Seat – Gent’s Seat – Children’s Seat – 

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Lady’s seat is a rock that was formed in the shape of the seat, making it appear comfortable. Providing incredible views of the clouds, mists and greenery around, this Lady’s Seat was once the favourite recreational spots of the British females, residing in Yercaud.

This is a cluster of Rocks on the South West of the Yercaud hills overlooking the ghat road and the town of Salem to the South. There is a natural rock formation in the form of a seat where reportedly a white English Lady of yester years spent her evenings viewing the magnificent panorama before one’s eyes. There is a sheer drop of about 200 feet at this point into a private estate in the valley below. There is a man-made viewing tower with Telescopes. One can see the magnesite deposits on the plains and on clear days a view of Mettur Dam. One should not miss the night view of the Salem town with millions of twinkling lights. On the right of Lady’s Seat are Sterling Resorts, Gents Seat and Children’s Seat.

During the olden days, this rock hosted numerous kitty parties for the British women and was also one of their favorite hangouts for their chit-chats.

The beauty of this rock magnifies incredibly with the advent of an evening. It is during the evening, that Lady’s Seat offers the most spectacular views of the sunset. the place is close to some of the best places to stay in Yercaud.

The whole of the hill stations gets soaked under the majestic rays of the sun, and the rock offers a panoramic view of the wholesome change of the atmosphere. A watchtower, located close by to the Lady’s Rock is also one of the not-to-miss spots in Yercaud. This watchtower serves as an ideal place for the visitor of Lady’s Rock.

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