Courtallam – Thamirabharani – P12

Few more pictures – 

These pictures were taken at random during our resort stay and few taken on the way to falls.





Chitraruvi (small falls) – 

We saw this falls and took a few pictures and and wrapped up for lunch


Resort –


The resort is available in 2 location, one in the main road and the other is this one.

Note: As I stated, this is in the remote location and If you are traveling with your family, I won’t recommend this place, instead request them which is available nearby the Main road which was so good as I personally feel, this place looks so idle and women won’t feel comfortable .


Phone Number – 94431 20960

IMG_20181020_125110564_BURST000_COVER_TOPIMG_20181020_125228751We refreshed ourselves in both the falls. This trip ended up being , one of the most memorable experience as we never thought , lastly we decided to pack up our things for chennai . We reached that night around 11.30 PM .

I m concluding the series with this post as I simply attempted in my drafting to share the experience, the manner in which it happen’d and Thank you all for your views, likes and comments. I will come up with something interesting in my next post.

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