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Hi all, I m really happy to share a Surprise with you all . I sent one of my photograph to Viewbug Photo Contest under Covers Theme. Surprisingly it won Celebrity award . I really have no clue what that means until I check my email …..

Here is the email

Congratulations prasathcs! From all your uploads, this is the photo that recently had the most impact in the community and has been awarded the Celebrity status.

Celebrity Award
Based on our algorithms weโ€™ve calculated your received likes, awards, emotions, views and time spent on your photos. The Celebrity Award is given to your photo that has recently received the highest appreciation. This is huge, moral of the story is that your photography is unique and creative, keep up the good work. Thank you for inspiring all of us.

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  1. Congratulations Prasath…i was really expecting something for your photography when we were talking about the places visited and you enquired about Mysore.

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