Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P1

“” There are times in our life where we will be compelled to face the challenges as there won’t be any choices or chances other than to confront and conquer it. “”

I said the above lines in my Amarnath blog, now it is rehashed in my life with more intense Situation in an International Travel during Lock-down where nothing is accessible to us , however we have been forced to face the situation in our life to survive , that too in another country.

I don’t know whether I would need to call this as an experience or challenge, however I m sure it showed me the significance of Courage to deal with things. I would even call this as a Sequence of Events – Season 2 in my Life 🙂 lol 🙂 .

Its been a long time dream for me for a long term onsite opportunity, but the dream never came true in my 15 years . I got a call in March 2019 for a long term job offer, obviously it doesn’t materialize all of a sudden, it gradually progressed and during the end of 2019, I got my offer and in mid-Jan 2020, my visa was affirmed and travel date was concluded that I need to reach Czech Republic in March 2020.

In Jan 2020, COVID19 already started its panic all over the world, but in India, I see the initial screenings have been done in the Airport but it didn’t have its count on the table. No one would have thought that COVID19 will lock-down entire earth in  March 2020, even I do thought the same, Of course, I thought it might slow down in the end of March 2020, but it just happened exactly opposite of it. All of a sudden, a rapid spike in March had locked down the entire world.

Any one who travel to a new country, Initially, it will be extremely hard to accommodate the circumstance and its environmental factors for some time in normal situation, especially Places, Language, Climate, Culture, food , Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Transport,etc…. Nearly everything will be hard for sometime.

As far as my situation is concerned, even more worse, all the doors have been totally closed when I on-boarded on Brno . Couple of days after, Czech Republic Government declared a Nationwide Emergency & shutdown everything to reduce the spread of COVID19 .Czech republic is the First country to go for a Complete shutdown in Europe. All the borders of Czech Republic is closed and entry to this country is restricted and no one can go out as well . I don’t know what is happening around me , before we take further steps to realize, the situation has already gone more intense and compelled us to face it.

In my successive posts, I will discuss about the situations we faced in BRNO during lock-down and how we overcome one by one.

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3 thoughts on “Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P1

  1. I heard Czech Republic handled the situation very well compared to lots of other countries. So hopefully it wasn’t the worse place to get locked down at time of landing. Although I’m sure it was incredibly hard regardless.

    1. Yes, the country handled the situation so well, but for me it became very difficult for three months. 🙂 as we are new to this country .

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