Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P3

Medical Test & Black Humour – 10th March

As per the country law, I must undergo few medical tests in Czech Republic to let the employer know that I m healthy, instead it is very difficult to proceed the on-boarding process as it is a MUST in Czech Republic. I went to a doctor suggested by my employer for my medical clearance. He was asking me the basic questions on name, country etc… When I said, I m from India and the city name is Chennai, he was shocked and went 2m away from me . I was really not sure what is happening around and realized that he misunderstood the pronunciation of “CHENNAI” as “CHINA” . Then I explained him that, Chennai is south part of India has no connection with China. But he was not convinced asking me how close it is from CHINA…..this time, I was shocked !!! lol 🙂 . I still laugh when ever I think about this Question .

Language –

Without a lock down in Czech republic, it is slightly difficult to manage with English as the country respects its own language and few people know to speak English. After the lock down , think of my situation, I cannot even ask for help , even if I speak , they go couple of meter away to keep the social distancing . Absolutely no way for me to communicate other than the Google Language translator and Sign Language 🙂

Apartment Hunt –

The next day we completed our registration process with Embassy and started calling the agents for apartment for rent. My friend told me that finding an Apartment here will be a challenge in normal situation, so I started searching from the next day, First 3 days people were picking up the phone and at-least they tried to reply . But after the lock-down, it was very difficult to find people because they respect the law system and follow it no matter what, they DON’T break the rules .

Law system & People

I really admire the way people respect and follow the law system here. The interesting fact was I was in a mind set that people won’t be 100 % compliance for this Nationwide emergency and thought every thing will be OK in another couple of days. But it just happened exactly opposite of it. People were 100 % Compliance and I don’t see any one roaming around. That was the situation I was slowly started realizing I was trapped.

Transport & Communication

In a new country, it is not a good choice to go with Cab in initial days as we were not known the safety measures and Language. So our inner sense told us to depend on Public Transport. First 2 days, I was able to get the tickets in the tram, but after 12th, they stopped giving tickets in the tram , I have no clue where to go and buy the tickets… The driver was telling me something in Czech and I misunderstood that he was telling me to get down from the tram and in a depressed mindset, I started speaking in Tamil 🙂 . I myself laughed later, as the driver was trying to explain that government asked them to stop giving tickets in buses and tram due to COVID19 🙂 .

The fact here was Checking Inspectors don’t wear uniform as they will be in a casual dress and show their ID Card , when they check tickets, if we don’t have them, a spot fine of 800CZK will be issued immediately.

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