BRNO – Moravian Karst – Punkva Caves – P3

Punkva Caves –

During our visit, we didn’t get a chance to get a English speaking guide instead we got one who speaks Czech 🙂 . But they gave an Pamphlet in English . I would like to share the Places in Punkva caves .

  1. Front Dome
  2. The Mirror Lake
  3. The Reichenbach Dome
  4. The Back Dome
  5. The Angel
  6. The Bottom of the Macocha Abyss
  7. The upper Landing Stage
  8. Masaryk’s Dome

The following pictures are from Skalni Mlyn . This is the place where you will reach from Blansko . From here you will need to catch Toy Train to reach Punkva Cave. This is a wonderful place to take pictures if it is a sunny day. You will need to buy toy train tickets from this place.

There is also a Cable Car ride to reach the top of the Cave . Where the View point from the top is fabulous as it is not to miss experience . The cave view from the Top is Mind Blowing


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