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There is a saying “In search of a gold, we have lost a diamond”, It will be absolutely suite to the beauty of Slovenia.I can’t express the beauty of nature in words. It was my first time in Slovenia, and I was completely mesmerized and fell in love. I have visited Kashmir a few times in India, I can closely connect the beauty of the mountains, of course it is entirely different from Kashmir. The similarity I see with the two places are, Viewpoints, Cablecar rides, Valley, Snow Mountains, Ski Areas, Lakes, Boating,but both the places offer a different experience, that’s for sure.

We learned that Slovenia is experiencing its first heavy snowfall in two years. The snowfall in Slovenia may have stopped the day before our arrival. I could see the whole city filled with snow and it was really a delight to watch. We were lucky that there was neither snow nor rain on the days we visited. Of course, there will be fog in the morning and it clears around 10 am. It was a great time enjoying the snowy mountains. It is almost impossible to decide which place is more beautiful, because every few kilometres, the feel will be different and really a treat to your eyes. This confusion has happened to all of us. :).

The only factor or obstacle to exploring this country in December is that the weather isn´t supporting us because the weather is unpredictable. When we started our trip from Brno, the weather in bled was rainy and overcast for the next 3 days. But actually happened exactly the opposite. The first day was really cloudy and foggy and the next few days were sunny. If you’re lucky and start early, you can cover 3 places. Otherwise, it will get dark after 4:30 PM, so you have to end the day with one or two place.
I understand from my experience is Travellers in Europe enjoy Slovenia in December for Ski .

Slovenia is mostly mountainous and forested.Slovenia has a predominantly continental climate, with the exception of the Slovene Littoral and the Julian Alps. A sub-Mediterranean climate reaches to the northern extensions of the Dinaric Alps that traverse the country in a northwest–southeast direction. The Julian Alps in the northwest have an alpine climate. Continental climate is increasingly more pronounced towards the Pannonian Plain in the Northeast. The nation’s capital and largest city—Ljubljana—is situated at roughly the center of the country.

How to reach –

We went by car from brno. I see buses/Trains from Vienna to reach the Ljubljana – Capital City

Places of Interest –

  1. Triglav National Park
  2. Vintgar Gorge
  3. Piran and Koper – Coastal
  4. Soca River Valley
  5. Tolmin River gorge
  6. Predjama Castle
  7. Lake Bled
  8. Lake Bohinj
  9. Savica Waterfalls
  10. Kransjka Gora – Ski Field
  11. Frozen Kingdom
  12. Bled Castle
  13. Vogel Cable Car
  14. Ljubljana – Capital City
  15. Škocjan Caves
  16. Laško
  17. Rogatec Open-Air Museum
  18. Postojna Cave
  19. Logarska Dolina
  20. Maribor
  21. Vršic Pass
  22. Blejski Vintgar

Places we covered –

We covered only the places around Bled due to time constraints and weather factors .

  1. Lake Bled
  2. Bled Castle
  3. Lake Bohinj
  4. Savica Waterfalls
  5. Kransjka Gora
  6. Frozen Kingdom

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