Vienna – City of Music & Dreams – Natural Museum – P9

The museum has a total of 6 million items, including the fourth largest collection of minerals in the world. The museum is split into six different sections: mineralogy, geology, paleontology, zoology, and botany. The mineralogy section contains some of the world’s largest and most impressive mineral collections, including the Ruby of Siberia, the Star of India, the Crown of Narsinghpur, and the Golden Pavilion. The geology section contains one of the largest collections of rocks, minerals, and gemstones in the world.

The museum also features a large Hall of the Earth, which is divided into four main sections: Minerals, Fossils, Minerals and Fossils of the Earth, and Minerals of the Earth. The museum also has a large Astronomy Hall, which features two large observatories for visitors to use. The Natural History Museum was founded in 1815 and was originally located at the top of the Karlsplatz. In 1893, the museum was moved to its current building, which was designed by the architect Gunnar Bauwens.

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