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Rajamala is located 15KM from Munnar. It is one of the finest hill station surrounded by full of Lush green carpet on all sides.

Rajamala View – 1

To reach Rajamala, first reach a point near to ticket counter in your Vehicle, purchase tickets for entry , a bus takes the visitors about 2 KM up on the hill to Visit Nilgiri Tahr and View Points.

Climate changes in Rajamala


To our surprise, when we started, it was sunny and all of sudden the climate was completely changed and we could see a bit of drizzle . In the next picture it can be noticed that there is absolutely no sign of cloud. Rajamala pictures are taken with an hour and could see a lot of climate changes with in that.

Nilgiri Thar in Rajamala
Nilgiri Thar (Varaiyaadu) in Rajamala

The place is the natural habitat of the mountain goat, The Nilgiri Tahr. We could see plenty of Goats in Rajamala.


You get to see plenty of goats roaming around in Rajamala but don’t go so close them, just watch them at a distance as I could sense they are little bit wild and try to headbutt.

Trekking to the top of Hills

After reaching rajamala, you would further need to go for a trekking about 3KM to reach the top of hill. We decided the enjoy the climate change and skipped the trekking.

A beautiful view of the green carpet from Rajamala

Rajamala View -2

Lakkom falls

Lakkom falls is another popular destination in Munnar. It is located 25KM from Munnar town on the Munnar – Udulmalpet road. The origin of this falls is from Eravikulam Stream and tributary to Pamba , then merged in to Cauvery. 

Near by Lakkom Falls  



It is such a beautiful spot to spend time with kids especially as the height of falls is not TOO High but the water will be very cold.There are options for trekking to explore dense forest surrounding this falls. If you go on a family trip, it may not be a choice, but if you go with friends, try to explore !!!

Lakkom Falls

Places to Visit in one direction of Munnar

Places to visit in one direction

Photo Point

This is Photo Point , The speciality of this place is to take pictures and look at the View Point 🙂 ..

Photo Point


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