Wayanad – Banasura Sagar Dam – Day 3 – P7

Time : 9 AM

Our energy level was low on the last day, as a lot of trekking on other places we went by and chose not to walk excessively as we do have negligible time that day and need to reach Calicut before 7 PM and needed to close our sightseeing before 3 PM.We stuffed our things from home stay and last settlements have been finished with the proprietor. We had some final chit-chat with the proprietor and took pictures with them and wrapped up for the final day spot.

We reached the dam around 9.45 and bought the entry tickets . Boating and children play area tickets can be bought in their respective places.

Banasura Sagar Dam –

Banasura Sagar Dam is the Asia’s 2nd largest dam of water reservoir. One of the premier attractions of Wayanad and other sightseeing places is also nearby this place (Pookot Lake and Waterfalls). It does have 1.5 KM of trekking to reach the crest of the dam. As decided, our family members don’t prefer to trek  nor they are not willing to walk that day : ). So we looked for options and found there is Jeep facility available for us to reach the top of the dam.

The list of  attractions in the Dam with Cost


Entrance Fee – Rs.60 Per Person and 30 for Kids 

We reached the top of the dam, the panoramic view of the dam gives you an extraordinary scenic view with hill backdrop.




During our visit, the climate was pretty warm that day and amazingly we came to realize that, There is a Solar Panel Project, Which is set up on the upper side of the dam along the other side and it’s a first of its kind . our family members were already exhausted with lot of trekking in other situations and not capable to walk a few more knots. So we saw it from a distance 🙂

We enjoyed the scenic background and surroundings for few minutes from this place and started exploring the dam.



There are shops accessible for you to purchase Coconut oil, Coconut Chips. We tried Coconut chips, it was really good as we never tasted it before. There are refreshment stalls available on the other side of the dam where you will get Corn, Ice cream, fruits and Coconuts. We encouraged our family to walk for few more knots for Boating as they set their desire on speed boating 🙂 .


The beautiful Scenic background of Dam





We could see the water level in the dam is extensively low as should be obvious in the PictureI understand that monsoon haven’t started in Wayanad .






Kids Play Zone –

As we move on enjoying the scenic beauty of the dam, we reached the kids play zone . Kids energy level was on the sky when they see their field . LoL 🙂 . They just wanted to have fun and enjoy ! .We needed to check the boating first before its end time as it is drawing near for lunch,We needed to book the schedule for speedboat . We are unlucky to hear that speed boating is closed and need to wait until 3 PM for the next schedule on speed boat. We decided to take a call on other boating options. In the mean while, kids wanted to play the games in their arena, so we all went with them for their time as no other boating option available at that time .

Kids play zone available in the other side of the dam. It is very interesting space as plenty of water games is set similar to a theme park. Each game is separetly charged and there is a  park available to sit and relax with your kids. Do you think kids will allow you to relax ?? 🙂 . Its a “FUN” TASTIC area for them to enjoy !!!! Let them Enjoy !!!. Here are some of the games in the kids zone – Swings between trees, Zorbing ball ,Water ride games for Children below 6 .


Boating – 

While kids were enjoying their games, we decided to book the schedule for boating and went to the booking counter and requested them for a early schedule, as we need to wrap up for the day. After finishing the games in the play area, We all arrived at boating place and waited for more than half an hour for Pontoon boating. Dam has the following boating rides – Speed boat, rowing, Kayaking, pedal boats, Pontoon Boat. We choose pontoon boat as it can accomodate more people and ride time is close to 40 min. The accompanying pictures around the dam have been captured during our ride. It was a calm and charming family ride. We missed the speed boat fun anyway 🙁 . The cost for Pontoon boat per person is Rs.120.




Sceneries captured while Boating –






Videos Captured –





















After boating, We wanted to call it a day, We waited for more than half an hour to catch the Jeep to get down from dam.

As far as Banasura dam is concerned, I would recommend people to plan for a day for this place as it has plenty of attractions and you would need more than 4 to 5 hours to enjoy this place.

The time is near 1.30 PM, We felt hungry and the driver took us to lunch. Post Lunch, We went to Javitri Spice garden for purchasing Quality Spices. I repeat “QUALITY”, lol:). Indeed, the flavors sold here are Excellent in quality, yet we felt it was costly. We bought some flavors here and began to Calicut around 3.30 PM.

 Javitri Spice Garden Pictures –

Around 6 PM , we reached calicut and we have been suggested to buy Kerala Chips only in Calicut. So driver suggested a place near railway station , We bought Chips and reached the station on time for our train.

To conclude, Wayanad has so many places to explore, As I said before, you WILL not be able to explore all the places in 2 days. We covered 6 distinct places – A Cave, An Island, Dam, Waterfalls, Wildlife and a Temple. We enjoyed our trip and the stay as well. I will post another blog on the Homestay and its surroundings.

Hope you all have enjoyed reading our Journey. Thank you for your time!

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