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What do you call a Strength –

  • A person’s ability to achieve something
  • Very easily achieve his Goal using the strength 

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There should be a inbuilt talent which is fabricated in each and every person in the earth. Each person identify it by different ways. Some find by trial and error and others find by motivation which comes from their loved ones or their friends. There is absolutely not the only way to identify the strength of a Person

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What do you call a Weakness –

Weakness resembles his negative side .

  • A person’s struggle 
  • Many time he may try with this quality without realising that, it is his weakness 
  • Inability to achieve something  and it will often interrupt in reaching his Goal.
  • I would call it as a roadblock.

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The only way to overcome your weakness is to KNOW your weakness . I repeat ” know your weakness” and use your strength to cover it

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My Perception , there is no human being born without a STRENGTH nor a WEAKNESS. The percentage level between them will decide whether he will reach the heights or will be buried under the ground.

Weakness is weaknesss in anyway as it is inbuilt with a strength. SO CONCENTRATE ON YOUR WEAKNESS & AMPLIFY YOUR STRENGTH IN SUCH WAY THAT, your weakness doesn’t overhead.

A Real time example – 

If a person is good at sports and weaker in studies , all he need to make sure, he doesn’t have more backlogs. Just clearing all the subjects is concentrating his weakness, I wouldn’t expect him to get a distinction as his stronger area would be sports . Their Parent’s duty is to expand his talent in the area of sports.Definitely to be successful in sports, dedication, hardwork and honesty, concentration is required to achieve something big is called amplifying his strength.

To Conclude with current scenario on how the world treats us –

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12 thoughts on “Strength vs Weakness – C7

  1. WOW, it’s really inspirational & motivational
    Liked it
    “There is no human being born without a STRENGTH nor a WEAKNESS. ”
    Soooo true …..
    Enjoyed reading
    Keep sharing 💙

  2. Great post! Great emphasis on “knowing your weakness”. Ultimately, our weakness is our enemy and the better we know it the better equipped we are to beat it.

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