Mahameru Flower – Is a Myth or Truth ??

Guys, I got a message about this flower that it will bloom once in 400 years ??? I really not sure about the flower and its information , but wanted to share as this is beautiful .. I googled it and see some links say it is Himalaya  and other links say it is Indonesia ?? 

Does any one know where this flower bloom ?? 




37 thoughts on “Mahameru Flower – Is a Myth or Truth ??

      1. In reality this flower exists a picture of the flower is in my mail below pl contact for copy

    1. The pink one is King Protea, national flower of South Africa. Blooms annually. Mountainous areas in Western Cape Province. Cultivated in gardens as well.

  1. The flower in your picture are of Protea family, an indigenous flowering shrub/bush/tree to South Africa (the King Protea is the national flower). As for flowering every 400 years…never, as it’s the flowering that produces the seeds needed to propagate the species. Protea’s flower every year.

  2. It is a Protea and they flower every year!. South Africa has many Proteas and it is our National Flower. Our national cricket team is the Proteas and they are now (Sep 2019) touring India.

  3. Good day, this is definitely the Protea cynaroides, the national flower of South Africa and is found in the Western Cape province. I am from South Africa and have recognized the flower.

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