7 Travel Life Lessons by Jay Shetty – C23

Travel Makes you a Better Learner –

Empowers Learning , Increases Curiosity & Humility .  

Psychology – Kids studying in Abroad are more humble than those who haven’t travel

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Travelling Makes you Sharper –

Refresh your Senses the way No Office air ever could .

Psychology – Simply look at a photo of Nature had Improved Focus & Performance on your next time

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Travelling increases Faith in Humanity –

The more foreign countries people travel to & their generalized trust increases , seeing all the good that exist in the world and makes it easier to trust

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Travelling Increases Creativity

People work abroad were more creative and inspired than the people who stay at their home country. The more cognitively flexible you are the more creative you will be

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Travelling gives you a Wider Perspective –

Gives a Birds Eye View – Look at our life from a distance both physically and Metaphorically . When we do that , we will be able to see things a lot more clarity

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Travelling Makes us Happy –

Psychology – Anticipating an Experience before it even happened makes you happier than if you are waiting for something tangible like a New smartphone

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Travelling Makes you Patient –

Dealing with mishaps, delays and Different cultures during Travels makes you much more patient and understanding person overall 

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At first Travel Leaves You Speechless and then it turns in to a Story Teller  


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