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Hi all, I read an interesting article about Passion and Obsession by John Hagel . Sharing it for you . 

Passion – When you are doing something you like, it will drive you to reach you are doing it without any one’s compulsion nor not doing it for any one else, just doing it for yourself… one may be passionate about acting, dancing, Arts, travelling, photography etc… the list goes on…….

obsession – It is a kind of addicted to something, anything that is too much is a obsession. There is a saying ” Anything is too much is not good for health” .

Passions and obsessions are powerful motivators to take risks, to make sacrifices and step outside of conventional norms to achieve what we desire.

Passionate people fight their way willingly to the edge to find places where they can pursue their passions more freely,

While obsessive people (at best) passively drift there or (at worst) are exiled there.

Passion inspires creation. Creators have a strong and meaningful sense of identity—defined not by what they consume (which has little or false expressive potential) but by what they make (total self-expression).

Passionate people are invested in constant personal, professional and creative growth. They want to develop and diversify their talents in order to keep their creations innovative and their passion dynamic, sustainable and alive.

Through the challenge of creation, and the innovative disposition demanded by the ever-shifting edge, passionate people expand their personal boundaries, helping them to more effectively achieve their potential. In other words: passion gives us the energy and motivation to work hard—and joyfully.

Obsessives have a very weak sense of identity because they displace their sense of self into the very object of their obsession (this becomes a strange form of self-obsession, which is why obsessive tendencies are frequently associated with narcissism).

Obsession, far from the joyful effort and striving inspired by passion, is a strategy of escape. In conflating their identity with an object of fascination, obsessives are not only able to forget their inner-self, they are able to insulate from the challenging world around them.

The obsessive person’s focus is narrow because they are less interested in complex growth than singular direction. Obsessive personalities may be driven to create, but the inner growth needed to be a sustained creator is undermined by their lack of determination to grow as people. As a result, rather than realizing their potential, they are concerned with finding a way to stay focused and compensate for inadequacy.

Passion creates options while obsession closes options.

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