Four Persons who don’t deserve help – by Chanakya – C33

  1. Person with problems all the time. If you tend to help them, then you will also fall in to that trap. If you analyse deeply ,their character itself will be troublesome and that is the ONLY reason for all their problems. So it is ALWAYS good to stay away from them
  2. Person who wear mask all the time and doesn’t have the least amount of honesty. They only show their fake all the time, never show their true face to the external world .They lie a lot .So be cautious with these people and don’t help them.
  3. Person with pessimistic thoughts, if you try to convince or help them,their negative attitude will affect you, because they will NEVER think in a optimistic way. So stay away from them.
  4. Helping an idiot makes you an Idiot. They will not solve any problems nor they don’t understand the problem as well.So when you realize you are dealing with an idiot just stay away from them.


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