Husband vs Wife – Just for Laughs – C41

Hello all, Plenty of Travel & Contents write-ups in a row and thought of writing some thing simple and funny today . Its just for fun and nothing serious here… So read, enjoy , laugh and have fun 🙂

Note – Please excuse if you already aware of these funny conversations !!

Ladies first, So all the conversation will be in perspective of Wife’s winning Moments !!!!

Husband : Do you know the meaning of Wife , It means Without Information, Fighting Everytime

Wife : No darling 🙂 , With Idiot for Ever

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A serious argument between husband and Wife and Wife finally Said ,

Wife : Tell me dear, do you wanted to win or do you wanted to be Happy?

Husband : ” Went in a mute Mode” , Argument Ended

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At late night Wife’s mobile beeps

Husband ( angrily ) – Who is this person saying beautiful !!!

Wife ( Very angrily ) – USE YOUR SPECTACLES .. its NOT beautiful, its BATTERY FULL 🙂

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Husband – Call Ambulance, Fast, I m having Heart attack

Wife – (Took his mobile), Tell me the password …

Husband – Its OK, I m feeling better now…

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Wife joins english speaking class. After few days.
Wife : Welcome home darling.
Husband : I m so tired today.
Wife : Ok. Rest in Peace.

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Husband came home drunk. To avoid wife’s scolding, he took a laptop & started working.
Wife: did u drink ?
Husband : no
Wife:Idiot , then y u r typing on suitcase

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Husband: I need space…
Wife: Join NASA..

Husband’s reaction !!! 

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Wife is angry 😡 as hubby stands too close to a beautiful girl in bus, a few seconds later the girl slaps him for pinching.
Hubby to wife: I swear I didn’t .
Wife: I know, I did it..

Hubby’s reaction !!!!!!!!!

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Laughing at your own mistakes lengthen your life – Shakespeare

Laughing at your wife’s mistakes will shorten your life – Shakespeare’s Wife

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