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Mansa Devi Temple  – 

Mansa Devi Temple is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi. Goddess is also known as Maa Mansa Devi. It is believed that Mansa Devi was emerged from the mind of great Sage Kashyapa. Mansa means wish and the goddess fulfills the wishes so the Goddess is known as Mansa Devi. The temple is situated at bilva Parvat (Mountain). The pilgrims can reach the temple by 03 ways. 1. By normal trek (1.5km one way) 2. By steps 3. By cable car. We went by Cable car. 

The aerial view from this mountain is really a good view of a city. I would recommend not to miss this place when you visit Haridwar.

I didn’t take any pictures inside the temple






Mansa Devi Temple

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