Mountain and its life lesson – C50

Each and every aspect of Nature teaches some lessons for the life, whether we take it or ignore it, is up to us. Firstly, the reason for choosing mountains is , It is my favorite . A major portion of my life was carried out in a city that is based out of beach, So when ever there is a chance , I would go to beach and slowly it has become a Part of my life. But Mountains are something very special for me…  This is the phrase which will come to my mind when ever I go to Mountains ….Someday in my life ,  I will reach your height … Its just a kind of Self Motivation 🙂 Simple 🙂 










Strength –

I admire its Strength , The level of hardness it possess teaches us , What ever happens, NEVER EVER let yourself down and STAY STRONG..



Beauty –

Mountains do change its color based on Season to show its beauty and elegance. The season is our Good and Bad instances in our life, Green can represent Positive instance and dry season can represent Negative instance. When we see greenery all around in a Mountain, what is the feeling we get, Its a kind of Celebration in our Heart. So celebrate our Positive instances of Life is required when ever we get a chance as it will be changed anyway.



Courage and Danger  –

The solid nature of Mountains resembles Courage. What ever happens ,  Mountains never shake, may be it might end up in slides but it is just a natural occurrence and it is a part of Nature. The same way, all our issues will be like a slide , at one point in time and it will never be permanent . We will have to believe that, the WORST phase will change .




Whether it covers with Snow or dressed in Green, it never miss to mesmerize us , as both are treat to our eyes in those seasons. I personally like Mountains covered with Snow. Its a lesson that teaches us , is everyone shines in their time like the season as all we need to do is wait for your turn .



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