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Balcarka Cave –

The Balcarka Cave is situated in a picturesque karst valley near Ostrov u Macochy. The underground labyrinth of passages, fissures and caves has two floors. The entrance portal of the cave is a significant paleonthological and archaeological locality. It is a place where bones of Pleistocene animals were found as well as stone and bone instruments and fireplaces of people of the Early Stone Age. Further parts of the cave were discovered in stages in the years 1923–1948. These caves can boast of unique, very rich, varied and colorful stalactite and stalagmite decorations. The parts called “Gallery” and “Natural corridor” are among the most beautiful places of the Moravian Karst. Remarkable are also the circular abysses, the “Rotundas”.

The cave labyrinth below the balcar’s rock is famous for its very rich and colourful stalactite decoration. The gallery and the natural corridor are among the most beautiful underground areas in the Czech Republic . The round abysses called rotundas or the flat ceilings which were created due to plate separation of limestone layers are also remarkable.

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