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Hi all, Let me discuss today on a couple of websites where you could earn micro income on clicking ads and completing surveys. is a PTC website where users can earn money by completing offers, surveys, and tasks. Like most PTC websites, Neobux has a referral system, where users can earn 50% commission on the earnings of users they refer.

Serpclix is a PPC management platform, where users can manage their AdWords and Bing accounts in one place. Serpclix also has a referral system, where users can earn 20% of the profits of users they refer.

Neobux and Serpclix are two paid search platforms that allow users to make money from their website. Both platforms offer similar services, and can be used together to increase the search traffic to your website. When used together, Neobux and Serpclix will help you increase your search traffic and turn that traffic into revenue.

Registration & Payment Process –

Registration process is completely free and payment is processed through Paypal account.

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