Munnar – Lush Green Hills – God’s Abode – P4

Photo Point

This is Photo Point , The speciality of this place is to take pictures and look at the View Point 🙂 ..

Photo Point


Flower Garden

On the way to Top Station, there is a Flower Garden, You can spend some time . It was a small garden ,but it was very colorful though.

Flower Garden on the way to Top Station


Few more pictures from the flower garden



Mattupatty Dam

The attractions in this place are Dam and a Lake. Mattupatty Dam is ideal place for tourists as they will enjoy different boating facilities like speed launch, slow speedboat, pedal boat, row-boat, and motorboats which was arranged by District Tourism.

On the way to Mattupatty Dam – See the Climate


Mattupatty Dam – Water Reservoir

The Dam’s Purpose is Water Conservation and to generate hydro Electric Power. This place is also located on the way to Top Station.

Mattupatty Dam – Around 3.30 PM 


Evening View  –  Near Mattupatty Dam


Around 5.30 PM – Mattupatty Dam


Elephant ride

Nearby Mattupatty Dam, Elephant ride is awaiting for you to Enjoy . Kids will have fun for sure.

Elephant Ride


Ride Near Dam


Elephant near Mattupatty Dam

Echo Point

Echo Point is also on the way to Top Station popular for its Echo Phenomenon. The Child inside us will wake up and trigger your inner sense to scream to see whether we are getting reverberation around the attraction. It was really funny and I see people enjoy this place with full of energy.

When you get the result you need, what do you do ??? ,, Have Fun !!!

Echo Point


Top Station

One of the Most beautiful spot that we shouldn’t miss in Munnar is Top Station. This Place is where you can see the border segregation of Tamilnadu and Kerala. This place is maintained by Tamilnadu. It is located 32 KM from Munnar.


On the Way to Top Station – Climate Changes  in the middle

You will  wonder why Munnar is so special when you get to see the on the way sceneries with full of green lush, plantations, Green hills … its like hills dressed in Green Saree.!!

GEORGEOUS !!!!!! and STUNNING !!!!!.

On the way to Top station – Sun with Green Carpet

on the way , we could clearly see the changes in the climate  and its like a Business as usual in Munnar it seems 🙂 , but that is the prime reason to Visit Munnar and its all about it

On the way to Top station – Look at the Mist now surrounding the plantations


Top station

Top station offers Panaromic view of Western Ghats.

Top Station


Heading down to Theni

Munnar has everything a family would enjoy. A wildlife for kids, Trekking routes for youngsters, Waterfalls and Green lush for Photographers and Nature Lovers, Climate Variation. If climate and stay works well in Munnar, I m sure, you will not come out of this destination.

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