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Our next day began with more excitement as everyone stressed ‘KURUVA ISLAND’ is a MUST VISIT place. Our curiosity level was on the sky and the kids were so excited about having the shower as we told them ,we are visiting a river 🙂 that day. It is one of the signature places in Wayanad and absolutely not to be missed and I would recommend to get in as early as possible, so you can spend more time in this spot.

Kuruvadeep Islands.

Kuruvadweep is a delta on the Kabini River, is the only island surrounded with naturally purified water source in Kerala . Island surrounded by the flows and river can be accessed by Bamboo rafting.

Best time to Visit

Kuruvadweep is usually closed to the public from May last to December due to Monsoon and during this period, rainfall floods the stream and there is a danger in rise of Water level. The best time to visit Kuruvadeep is from mid December to late April

Token based Tickets

Kuruvadeep Island is 15 KM from the homestay. We started around 9 AM and reached about 9.45 AM and bought the entry tickets. To enjoy Kuruvadeep islands, you may want to go as early as possible to buy tickets based on Tokens , the visitors per day will be bounded. We heard 1000 visitors per day now , earlier it was only 200 per day. Token counter will be closed once they progress to the Limit.

Kuruvadeep Islands Entry Fee is 89 Per Person which includes the Bamboo rafting. No fee for the kids below age 8.

Video Links for Kuruva Island and Edakkal Caves – only few minutes Videos











Rafting to cross the river
Bamboo Rafting

Here is the place you would stand for Rafting after purchasing your tickets from the entrance, Bamboo rafting is being used to cross the River stream. It will be an interesting ride, you will not miss as you don’t have any other way to reach the other end :). It just takes 5 min to reach the other end.


Its a 5 min ride , as the Person uses the rope to pull the raft to cross the river
Panoramic view

It is similar to Mangrove Forest in Tamilnadu.

Lush Green Surroundings

It has 2 Ways to reach the Island, We came from the Main Entrance it would get close to 1.5 KM to reach the island. Well, there is an another way to get to the Island through Way 2. If you would arrive through this path, it would hardly take only 15 min to reach the island as this route is very nearer.

Other end of the River – Trekking Starts from this Place to reach the Island
Entering in to the forest


Different types of Trees
Few more yards to reach

Here you go !!!!! , A blend of Natural Beauty and flow of River stream treat awaiting for your optics. Regardless of age groups, everyone will enjoy. Kids will have hours of fun. You can sit along the rocks and enjoy the river flow with the Lush green surroundings. River depth seems to be normal as you can walk in the streams and its your choice for showers.It is clearly evident why this place is very special in Wayanad. We spent more than an hour. It is the place you would need to spend more than an hour for sure.


Kuruvadeep Island
Kuruvadeep Island
Kuruvadeep Island
Kuruvadeep Island
Kuruvadeep Island



A Closer look at the Rafting


Kuruvadeep Island is a forest and don’t expect any restaurants around, but there are many home foods available nearby. You will have to order Lunch in these home foods in the morning before entering into the island, so that your lunch will be ready approximately 12.30 PM as these home stays prepares food in limited numbers. We ordered our lunch in Aswathi Bhavan, nearby the entrance. They provide 15+ varieties of Veg for Rs.100 and Non Veg is separately charged – We ordered Fish fry and they charged Rs.50 for each Fish. They offer Kerala and Tamilnadu rice, as neighboring state travellers don’t need to worry as many don’t wish to try Kerala rice. My favorite was, the Jack Fruit Sweet as I never tried it before. Splendid!!!!. I recommend people to order food in this place as it worth for money and good on quality and quantity.

Aswathi Bhavan – Phone Number : 9745014451 – Umesh – This is the only number which we got from Umesh and it worked fine.


Post lunch, we spent some time in that place and surprised to see Zip-line near by. I attempted zip-line, though it was a thrill ride, it might be even thrilling if it would have been on a lake or a river :). It was on land. They charged Rs.200









 End of Day 2

After zip-line, We visited wildlife sanctuary as it is near by Island.Post Wild life, we are advised to Visit Thirunelli Temple, opens around 5.30 PM. I will be covering Wild life & Thirunelli Temple in a separate blog.We arrived at home around 8 PM, after covering all these places. That night, no sign of rain, So Campfire was arranged for us and Kids had fun dancing.


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