Wayanad – Wildlife Sanctuary – Day 2 – P4

After finishing our extra-ordinary Lunch and a thrilling zip-line in Kuruva Island, Kids are really excited on Wildlife. Time was around 3.30 PM, we reached Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary and got our entry tickets and sitting in the waiting hall for our turn for the Jeep ride.
Wildlife Sanctuary
Wayanad offers wildlife sanctuary visits as well, as the place is completely surrounded by forests. It has 2 wildlife sanctuaries, Muthanga Wildlife and Tholpetty wildlife Sanctuary. Muthanga Wildlife is far from Kuruva Island where as Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is nearer to reach. Both the sanctuaries offer only forest ride.
Entry tickets & Time
The Entry fee for 6 adults + 3 Kids => Rs.1600 approx , It includes Forest Entry fee and Jeep fee as well. The ride is close to 1 hour to cover 15KM.
Time is 10 to 12 in the Morning and 3 to 5 in the Evening.
Forest PicturesDSC02961
We got a message from our colleague and the Jeep driver that, the first jeep in the sunrise and the first in the afternoon will be able to view animals that too elephants and bison. The successive Jeep ride will not be able to catch any creatures other than deers and some birds.DSC02965
We saw deers, forest birds and a Peacock. Nothing else in our forest ride.DSC02968
It’s a fact, people can decide whether they really wanted to visit wildlife as it will not surprise them nor you will get a chance to see wild animals unless you are the first ride, as per Jeep driver , you may get to see tigers or any other wild animals only during the month of December or January.
Note: If you really wanted to give it a shot for kids , try to catch the first ride in the Morning or afternoon by reaching early and buy the tickets at first in the queue, because as I stated , successive rides will have more chances of disappointment .DSC02972
Safety Measures – My opinion
The safety measures in the forest ride seems surprising as the driver riding without any walkie-talkie , Even though all of us had cell phones including the driver, we experienced signal issues inside the forest 🙁 . No communication between the Jeep drivers nor they communicate the office at the entrance. The reason for stressing on this is, the ride is passing away to be in a heavy forest and we are not compensated as well.DSC02994
Jeep is completely clear, if there is a danger from elephant or any other Wild animal (of-course no wild animals now) none of us will be secure. Jeep Driver seems bold and expertise in sensing animal nature but it doesn’t make sense to me and would expect the Wildlife visit to be more secure.DSC02995
As people said, IF YOU ARE LUCKY, you will set out to catch animals, as there are more chances of disappointment from Wildlife. It just happened to us 🙁 , but it is compensated in other way while heading back home from Thirunelli Temple.We had a thrilling experience around 6.30 to 7 PM and I will talk about that in Thirunelli Temple blog.


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    1. Hi Hiren, You will be able to see elephants, bison and deers if you are on first ride. Tigers – You will be able to see only in the month of December and January.

      1. Ok. Good to know that. Haven’t witnessed these mammals in open jungle yet. Though have explored deer a lot during my lion safari.

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