Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P4

Parallel Events in India –

In India, the discussions to go for a complete lock-down proposal has started and after a week , lock down has been Imposed from 18th March If I remember it right.

Cargo update 1 –

Around Thursday, I got a message that Cargo reached Prague. The agent from Prague spoke in Czech and I wasn’t able to understand. So I asked the agent in India to help me out as I still didn’t join the Company to get help from any one. Czech government requested people to restrict the travel unless it is an emergency. The agent in India still believed that he will be able to deliver the shipment doorstep , Damn it 🙂 . The other damn thing was I believed him, realizing the current situation in Czech Republic 🙂 lol 🙂

Airbnb –

I booked Airbnb stay for 2 weeks , so that I can search a apartment in those days (That was the Plan, of course it didn’t materialize ) . Initial five days have been good with the stay. But after the lock-down impose, Airbnb stay owner asked us to vacate the stay as they cannot help in case we run in to trouble. He came up with the refund and asked us to vacate the stay. I really don’t know what to do as entire city is getting closed and not sure where to go for help and not sure whether we would get an another stay somewhere or I need to pack myself back to India ??? I asked the stay owner to help us with the other place.

In a very crucial timing, We found a stay near by center for 30 days because everybody is closing their booking . The booking was finalized some how and we packed our things to the new place. The stay owner helped me to transfer the luggage . We went to the new stay and we could hear the shocking news that the stay was on the 4th floor and it doesn’t have elevator. We were like Oh my god !!!!! …, we will have to step up and manage, we carried all the luggage to 4th floor. It was a bungalow and stay was on the corner side of 4th floor. We couldn’t witness any one living in there. My wife felt uncomfortable and don’t know what to do. As I already paid the money in full settlement, there is no option for us. Of course, the new owner some how understood our situation real quick . she comforted us saying that she is ready to help and gave her number. One of my crucial savings gone that moment as I saved it for house rent advance.

That night, we experienced shake in the building and we thought it was earthquake and later realized that it was trembling due to TRAM 🙂 lol 🙂 . It happens all the time when TRAM crosses this building . We were afraid that, what might happen or this owner will also ask us to vacate ????? I already came to a mindset , if things go wild, the worst case will be back to India !!!!!! without realizing the actual fact that the last flight to India was on 13th of March . We are on 15th March already !!!!!!!!!!

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