Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P5

Onboarding & Bank Account –

I completed my on-boarding and managed to setup my laptop . HR asked me to connect from home for rest of the days. I met my Manager on the video call . After my on-boarding, its time for me open a Bank account for Salary. Before I started to investigate on which bank is the best , everything was closed . My manager helped me to open a Bank Account online and helped me to call the bank officials whether they operate during lock-down. I saw one of their branches near by the new stay which is a few yards walk and thought of checking with them.

I went and inquired , came to know that they operate with a minimal operational model with timing restrictions , as this is the only branch open in BRNO and all other branches are closed. It was really surprising for me to visit a bank which is nearer to my new stay where I can meet Bank Official in person but only on a few days a week with specific time, but it is some how I thought it is just another edge of Luck.

I also had thoughts that after opening an account , thought of heading back to India. But when I searched and realized Lock-down has been Imposed in India and there is no option for me to fly back from Czech. That was a triggering moment, I started to think what needs to be done to face the situation instead of what can’t be done as there was no options left !!!! .

Debit Card Confusions –

They requested some documents for completing the bank account process and asked me to wait for the Debit card which will be sent from Prague. I gave my new stay address and phone number in the bank and thought myself that I will be getting a call before handing over the debit card , but it wasn’t the case . Here they don’t have any special posts for debit cards and no verification will be done. As I m unaware of all this information and my name is not updated on the mailbox which landed up for an another challenge ” where my debit card has been returned to Prague “.

After a few days, I m thinking why I didn’t get called for the debit card and thought of checking with the bank . I went and inquired the bank officials , they start explaining me that they don’t call and debit card has been returned to Prague and there is no tracking facility for posts as well and asked me to wait for another 15 to 20 days for receiving a new card . !!!!!!!!

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