Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P6

Salary date –

Due to plenty of confusion happened before, I was in an assumption that, my salary date should be 30 or 31st, but later in a meeting with the manager and came to know that , the salary date cycle is 10th of every month. It was like “”God”” , another 15 days , I will have to manage without local currency and my friend told me that, he will send money to the Czech Bank account. But interesting check here was , I can’t take money from the account and don’t remember the reason they said about Cash withdrawal from the Bank .

Twist in the Middle –

With the financial crisis and the above stated confusions, you guys don’t believe me, an interesting twist happened in the middle , The apartment was finalized πŸ™‚ . The interesting fact I wanted to share here was, In Chennai while searching the Apartments in BRNO in a website , I found the same apartment , I liked it as it was so good , but not to prefer it because of the fact that it was a costly and huge advance Apartment .

The owner talked to us on the Video call , showed us the flat because of people movement restrictions & agreed for my dates to move and they were flexible too. It was the moment , I realized, REALITY IS STRANGER THAN FICTION πŸ™‚ . To my surprise the owner reduced the advance and talked fluently in English.

They said, they traveled to India before and they are aware of few cities including Chennai . When we said, we are from Chennai, they felt very happy. With all those surprises, now we don’t have any room to rethink and decided to finalize.

Saviour –

Now , the most crucial part is Agency fees and advance settlement that needs to be settled before moving to the Apartment that includes first month rent. The whole amount came close to 70K CZK . A Saviour came in the panorama who saved us from this crucial situation is Bharath(My Friend), who settled the amount for me. IT WAS REALLY A GREAT , TIMELY AND CRUCIAL HELP. I REALLY DON’T HAVE WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT.

If he wouldn’t have helped us , our situation would have been more worse. We decided to settle all the transaction online , Bharath was included in our email communication chains and he transferred the money. When you have your Apartment settled in a new country , at-least it gives us a room to think about other issues one by one. It was a great relief for us when it was settled , as all the credits should go to Bharath !!!

Some how we managed for another 15 days , finally my salary got credited, As I Said, there was a delay in sending the new debit card . I have the salary, but can’t take it πŸ™‚ .

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