Czech Republic – Brno – Sequence of Events – P7

Cargo update –

Plenty of events happened Parallelly for us that includes an another add-on Pressure that , Cargo got struck up in Prague . The agent in India wasn’t able to do anything and finally told us to go to Prague to clear the customs. As I said, the situation was already intense here nothing really we could do. During the month of March, I remember the COVID cases in Prague was in huge numbers and people suggested NOT to travel to Prague by car booking as other options are ruled out.

I told my team lead and Manager to spoke to the Customs office to know the exact information on why it got trapped. They told it is very difficult to clear the customs in this situation and told that it will not be cleared due to some missing information and they decided to send it back to India. Almost close to 25 days, I tried my level best to make them understand my situation , but it didn’t work. Finally they sent it back to India and you guys don’t believe me, till today the Cargo is not cleared in India due to Lock-down and for other reasons .


During all these days, we fall sick multiple times due to food , Jetlag and faced other issues as well. We tried even to consult the doctor, but getting an appointment with doctor is a real challenge. We some how managed with the available medicines , hot water and Cumin water. There are times, our International debit card doesn’t worked for couple of days.

At-last after 40 days, in our new Apartment, I received the debit card and we are able to spend the money . As our cargo was negative, I tried ordering some Cooking vessels in Amazon and it failed too with returning the money to the account 🙁 . Some how from the month of September, things started falling in place. I was able to get the orders processed and receive them.

We faced three different situations with respect to Money, First, we don’t have Local Debit card and Money , then we have money but don’t have the card to spend and the last , we had debit card and money, but unable to spend the money 🙂 lol 🙂 , because of the situation plenty of orders were not processed and returned 🙂

The reason for sharing my experience is , lock-down is generic , but I thought lock-down in a new country is an unique experience.

I will conclude the series with the lessons learned through this phase

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