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Parvathamalai (Parvathahill) is located near Polur in Thiruvannamalai District. The hill is around 15 Km from Polur. The hill is 3500 feet Approx high from the sea level. On the top of the hill, Lord Mallikarjunaswamy (Lord Shiva) temple is located, which is believed to be 2000 years old. During full moon day, Hill attracts more devotees as this place vested with lot of Spiritual Power.

How to reach :

The nearest Airport is Chennai .From chennai, we have 3 routes to reach Parvathamalai .

  • Chennai, Chengalpet, Melmaruvathur, Vandavasi, Polur, Parvathamalai
  • Chennai, Kanchipuram, Arcot, Arni, Polur, Parvathamalai
  • Chennai, Chengalpet, Tindivanam, Senji, Thiruvannamalai, Parvathamalai

I wouldn’t recommend to choose the third route as you are needed to Reach Thiruvannamalai as, Polur route is very nearer.

Nearest Railway station would be Tindivanam or Thiruvannamalai, as the later is very nearer to reach Parvathamalai as it is only 35 KM from there.

First route is easy to reach Parvathamalai, as plenty of the distance covers through Highway . From Polur, Either Thenmathimangalam or Kadaladi Mouna Guru Ashram you can choose to reach top of the Hills

Map to reach Thenmathimangalam or Kadaladi Ashram from Polur – 


Mounaguru Ashram

Two routes to reach to Top of Hills –

Steps Route –

Thenmathimangalam route is lengthy but easier to reach the top of  Hill . Usually the locals around this place use this route to reach the Top as it involves steps . 

Trekking Route –

There is another route from Kadaladi Ashram,to reach Parvathamalai, which is shorter and when compared to Thenmathimagalam route but it is very adventurous route compared to Thenmathimangalam. The distance is 5.5 KM approx and it would take almost close 3.5 hours to reach the top of the hill , that differs from person to person based on their fitness. Its the best route for Adventure lovers. 

We Preferred this route for Adventure, but it was more than a Adventure !!!!

Fitness factor –

I would like to stress , Absolutely Fitness is required to climb Parvatha-hill as, it is sure a test for your physical and mental fitness. There are places you would really lose your confidence that you may not reach the top. So please make yourself physically and mentally strong when you plan for Parvathahill. Atleast start your exercises and running a Month before.

Hill in the Shape of Shiva Linga –

You can notice from the picture, the hill resembles like Shiva Linga and it is being emphasized by Kanchi Sankaracharya and he doesn’t want to keep his foot, so he went around the hill for worship.

Interesting Ramayana Connection –

The popular connection from Ramayana was , Lord Hanuman carried Sanjeevani Mountain to revive laxman and a part fell down and become Parvathamalai (Parvatha Hill) 

Things to Carry –  

  • Light weight Travel bag 
  • Carry 2 ltrs of Water & Energy Drinks If you prefer 
  • Carrying more fruits would benefit 
  • Torch light 
  • Avoid oil fried snacks during your Trekking 
  • Don’t have your food items Visible and there are chances monkey’s will come with a request for grabbing them 🙂 lol 🙂 Monkeys will be Violent , So Beware of those 
  • Beware of Snakes too  
  • Carry Rain coat , Just if incase it rains 
  • Good Pair of Shoes for Trekking

Note: A monkey in the Middle came and snatched the Glucose from me as it was Visible while trekking. It was really a terrible experience as it was showing his teeth while snatching 🙂 lol 🙂 . The only thing I carried to boost the energy was gone in the middle. As we move on, the path seems very steep and I was able to climb only 6 to 7 meters in one stretch. 

No Shops – 

There won’t be any shops except , there is only one Small hut Shop close to Top of hill where you can get lemon juice , biscuits , drinks and Tea. So please be prepared for the same.


– Will discuss the Journey & share pictures in my next post


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    1. LoL 😂😂😂😂😂😂 , It was a really a moment of shock , when monkey snatched it from me with anger… Now it feels really funny … Thank you for your time ! . Glad you liked it !!!!

  1. Wow..!! I have been to these places. Thanks for exposing the underrated yet beautiful places. I have traveled all these Kanchipuram, Chengalpet, Tindivanam, Senji, Thiruvannamalai while studying in kanchipuram

    1. Hi Chiru, Thanks .. Just a FYI, each place has a speciality , Kanchipuram – Temples & Sarees , Tindivanam – close to Pondicherry , Senji – Fort , Thiruvannamalai – Temple

      1. Yes i have been to all these places except parvathamalai.. I lived in kanchipuram for 4 years..

  2. Amazing! I often wonder with awe how these holy buildings are built on top of hills. I admire the strength and resolution that these people have. Thank you for sharing.

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