Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P3

A Snippet on Some Interesting Stories  – 

The Story behind the Name of the Hill –

Sage Siladha performed serious penance on Lord Shiva seeking a boon to have children. . Two children were destined to him, Nandhi and Parvathan.

Sanakadhi Rishi approached the sage and said that Nandhi would live on earth just for a brief span. Because of this prescience, Siladha fell into melancholy. Nandhi assured his father by saying that he would win over death by his penance on Lord Shiva.

Satisfied with Nandhi’s penance, Lord Shiva showed up and made the youngster his vahana (vehicle) and passed the order that devotees should come to him only after being allowed by Nandhi His sibling Parvathan additionally performed penance on Lord Siva and turned into the Hill – Parvatha-Hill – i.e. Parvathamalai.

6 Hills & 6 Chakra Connection –

One needs to trek through 6 small hills to reach the top of ‘Parvatha Malai’ which is the seventh. It is said to be synonymous with the 6 ‘Chakras’ in the human subtle body.
The Mooladhara Chakra or Kundalini climbs up and after crossing six other Chakras,
joins with the seventh ‘Sadasivam’ or Sahasradhara chakra. About 75% of the hill route is through thick forest via treaded footpath where on both sides one can enjoy the smell of ‘Himalaya’s rare herbs’ are in plenty.

Lets Continue the Journey

This is the small hut shop I told you, it will be encountered only at the junction where the trek route (Kadaladi) meets with the steps route (Thenmathimangalam) . This is the place where you almost climbed 70% of the hill. 

Myself and my friend was climbing slowly, actually it was me climbing very slowly and reached this place a little late and encountered heavy rain for a while.

Here is the place where the Rocky Phase Climbing Starts and you need to climb with bare foot. You need to have your shoes packed or leave them in the small tea shop in the middle.

Last phase of Climbing and the types of Steps –

The last phase of the hill is the rocky phase climbing , as this is very challenging phase in climbing and slippery too. Be cautious in this phase while you are climbing , as this will be like Mountaineering.

There are Iron rod Steps, Ladder Steps, Track Steps and Sky steps. The “Kadapaarai Paathai” or ” Iron Pole Phase” climb is the toughest part of climbing as , there were no regular steps, one needs to utilize the “Iron poles and Chain” which are implanted in the rock and it is one way traffic here. The last phase of the climbing should be done with bare foot , So Please watch your steps in this phase.

Iron Rod Steps / Track steps / Sky steps – 

Its me climbing slowly !! , To my surprise, I climbed the last phase of the hill easily than the starting phase . 

We reached the top of the hill around 2.30 PM . I personally feel , it was really a Wonderful experience that test your confidence level . I will share and conclude this series with few more pictures and another Monkey trap Incident 🙂 while coming down from the hill in my next post. 

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