Parvathamalai (Parvathahill ) – Trekking/Pilgrimage – P2

Speciality of the Temple –

In this place devotees experience the guidance of the lord on the Full moon day as well as No moon day. They can perform the rituals by themselves to Lord Shiva and Goddess Brahmarambika and light lamps as well. The devotee reaps the benefit of visiting all the Shiva Temples on earth if he visits Parvathamalai temple once. The One day Puja Performed by the devotee here is equal to performing puja on 365 days.

Group –  

When you intend to trek Parvathahill , it is advisable to go on groups , with the goal that you won’t lost track , it is extremely hard  to track the the route. You will notice the route signs on rocks and stones and need to take after that. It is just my recommendation as I personally felt very difficult to find the way by myself . I went with my friends and they guided me.

Journey –

We finished our breakfast and got Parcel as well for Lunch. As I told, We preferred the Adventure route to reach the top of the hills, so we went to Kadaladi Ashram and parked our Car.We started the Journey from Ashram !!!!!!!

On the way to Kadaladi Ashram –


As you can see from the picture, the hill is surrounded with trees and bushes all around. The beginning phase looks exceptionally dry and loaded with full of thorns.


Route Signes on Stones & Rocks –




It just captured my attention and a random click !!!!


The Real Adventure Started from this Phase –

As you can see from the picture , the route started shrinking and steeper path approaching for Adventure . 75% of the hill climb will be enduring, however it is exceptionally steep




After the muddy path, you would approach the next phase of climbing with rocks. I personally felt it was tough for me, but my friends climbed it very easily.









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