Angry Husband vs Smart Husband – Just for Laughs – C2

Hi all, Today thought of posting something on the lighter side to have fun. This post is just for fun. Please read , have fun and smile. Enjoy !!!

This is about a Conversation between Angry Husband and Smart Husband….

Angry Husband – Never listens, always Shouting, Dominating
Smart Husband – Quick Witty, Calm, Intelligent

Let’s begin !!!!

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AH – ” In a upset mood and a very low tone “

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Buddy, today I had a big fight with my wife ! I scolded her like anything… she replied me saying I m shouting like a dog ……, How can she say that ????
“Keep on Shouting for a while” !!!

SH – ” Listening all the conversation, he never gets angry and always with a cool attire 🙂 LOL 🙂 “

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SH : My friend, your wife is scolding herself and why are you shouting here … Its OK….
AH – “With a little bit of Shocking Surprise”

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How are you saying that ?
SH – She scolded you ” dog ” , I m really proud to hear that your wife scolded you DOG WOW !!!!!!

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AH – “Very Angrily” What ??? WHY SHOULD I BE A DOG …. WHAT MAKE YOU TO THINK SHE IS RIGHT………….” His BP level shoots up like anything and started shouting again …

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SH – ” Laughing “

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SH: OK ,Calm down My friend, Clam down !

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SH – let me ask you few questions? What are the situations usually dogs bark ?

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SH – ” He thinks for a moment and started like this ” Cool Buddy… Let me explain !! Please answer my question my friend…
SH – No, you need to tell me…

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AH – ” After a little bit of Confusion” … OH SORRY !!!! Usually Strangers, Neighbours or Thieves

SH – Explaining Slowly …..

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Ok, What else ??? You know something they also bark at looking strange things like ” Ghosts ” , because dogs can sense it, you understand… Dogs will be in high octane energy when they see something fishy … So its not your fault in shouting, its really something wrong with your wife,
OK, DID she came with make up…...
AH – Yes

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SH – How long she took for her Make up .
AH – Took almost more than 2 hours …

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 SH – “Thinking ” with a moment of  “Shock”

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SH: ” Started Explaining”

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OH MY !, See that is the reason, you might have afraid after looking at your wife with full MAKE UP and starting shouting… It makes sense to me … May be your wife’s make up looks like a Ghost and you took the dog avatar and shouted… Nothing wrong man, When she said ” you are shouting like a DOG ,you have all the rights to Bark, Now think ,what is her Avatar, She appreciates herself as a GHOST .. obviously a DOG should bark at a GHOST, that is theory and you guys proved it practically…WOW, “Hence Proved...” thats what I said, she is scolding herself and Not you… You need to feel Yourself PROUD MAN.. OK !!!

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AH – ” Not sure how to react ” and got confused whether he is helping him or pulling his leg!!!.. Went in to a Mute Mode !!!!!!!

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Moral of the story – Try to Convince Some one, if they don’t ,Confuse them – Simple

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