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In a City life, Traffic Jam seems to be normal for city people . Likewise the problems in life is similar to Traffic Jam. You might have notice, during heavy traffic Jam , People very cautiously drive their vehicles and make sure they don’t hit others.
But during our crucial moments in life, we tend to struggle and make nasty decisions without realizing that the best will come out of us when a situation push us so hard. The cautious nature during traffic Jam can be compared to Patience , but we never try to be patience , instead our mind look for an instant solution for all our problems.

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But how come is it possible in reality ??

In an another phrase, the space during traffic jam or the boundary will be minimal and we all need to play is with in that space or accommodate with that space , then slowly move, this is the reality in traffic Jam 

Similarly life problems also teaches the same thing , restrictions, boundaries , time limits , Targets , Pressure , Harsh Realities and we get a feeling of the whole world is against us !!!!!!!!!!..

Patience is required when we really get in to trouble and all we need to do is play with in the boundary without violating the boundaries will yield us Success !!! The best way to escape from all our life problems is to face them !!!! 🙂  


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