ECG vs Life Lessons – C35

Hi all, I m sure, everyone should have seen ECG  …  See the graph which goes up and down… It resembles we are living .…. If it is a Straight line in ECG… it clearly says the person is dead…

When graph is at Peak, that can be related , that you achieved something big in life and when it goes down, it can be related to a bad experience or a failure….so see the graph …. after going down., it takes few seconds to go to peak again…

So When we face a failure in life, it doesn’t mean our life has came to an end…. it simply means we need to fix the issues to make our life better instead of blame games … may be it will take sometime to reach the Success is what the next instance of Peak indicates in ECG ….  I see this as one of the reality of things in life and has a very Important message as well 🙂 

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