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Lake Bled –

A tectonic hole made by the Bohinj glacier through the years, was once at the location of the present lake. Its path was obstructed by a huge rock which was so persistently scraped that the only thing that remained was the present island. The ice melted and the basin was filled with water, thus Lake Bled emerged, which is in some places up to 30 metres deep and quite popular amongst divers. 19 species of fish live in the lake, including carp, sheatfish and lake trout. Ducks and swans as well as diverse plants also swim and thrive on its surface

Origin of Lake Bled –

In the past, there was not water at the location of Lake Bled, but a meadow valley with a small hill and a rock, where mountain fairies danced at night. Shepherds grazed their sheep in the valley, which ate grass around the fairy rock. The fairies asked the shepherds to put a fence around their dance area, so that the grass would remain soft. The shepherds did not consider their request and one day, the youngest and most beautiful fairy broke her leg while dancing. The angry fairies called upon the springs and brooks to storm into the valley and fill it with water. Only the hill with the rock remained as an island in the middle of the lake, where fairies could dance in light starry nights. Although fairies left these places a long time ago, a beautiful fairy lake and an island below the mountains were left behind. This is Lake Bled.

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