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Thermal springs –

The tectonic structure of the lake has not only shaped the lake itself, but has also contributed to the emergence of many thermal springs on the east side of the lake, where temperature does not drop below 20°C. Thermal springs are now used in three hotel pools of Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Park as well as Rikli Balance Hotel. Water is additionally heated at Hotel Park and Rikli Balance Hotel, while the Grand Hotel Toplice enables you to refresh in original thermal water at 22°C. You can also feel the healing effects of water by pouring it in a glass and drinking it. The temperature of the lake in summer reaches 25°C, in winter it can drop to 4°C. If winters are very cold, the lake surface also freezes.

Things to do –

  • Rest on one of the benches and enjoy the view of the lake.
  • Walk 6 kilometres around the lake or enjoy in a horse-drawn carriage ride.
  • In summer, you swim or enjoy in other offered water sports on the lake.
  • Ride to the island on pletna boat or rent a boat and paddle.
  • Take photos of charming sunsets, pletna boats, the island with the church, castle and swans.
  • The lake freezes in very cold winters, so you can skate or walk on lake surface (if the ice is deep enough and at your own risk).

Note: We went to the island and visited the church. I would recommend the travelers not to miss it . I personally felt the beauty of lake is amplified by the Island in the Centre of the lake and the church . The Entrance fee to visit the church and bell at the top of the Tower was 12 Euro .

Lake Bled with Church in the middle

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