Slovenia – A Hidden Treasure for Nature Lovers – Bled Castle – P6

Perched atop a steep cliff above emerald-green Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s oldest castles. With a history spanning more than a thousand years, Bled Castle captivates visitors with its magnificence, stunning location, and breath-taking views.

Bled Castle, a symbol of Bled and Slovenia, ranks among the country’s best-preserved and maintained citadels. The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1011. Ever since, the castle has been an integral part of the broader Central European area and a vibrant cultural centre. Bled Castle is where the past meets the present and the future.

Through the centuries, Bled and its castle have attracted popularity and worldwide renown. A traveller standing at the castle terrace gazing at the lake and the island and further across this region bordering on the Karavanke mountains and the Julian Alps, will never forget the view.

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Bled Castle in Night view

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