Slovenia – A Hidden Treasure for Nature Lovers – Frozen Kingdom – P7

The Icy kingdom is spread out on a large meadow in front of the entrance to the gorge Mlačca in Mojstrana.

At the end of the castle corridor awaits an enormous ice throne, where the youngest companions are able to sit on. Visitors will walk through the park of icy roses and the beauty parlour of frost all the way to the fountain of wishes. The path will guide you past the ice crystal mine and the gallery of polar winds.

It is impossible to count all the sculptures, icicles, arches, flowers, lanterns, pines, fountains and all sorts of ornaments covered in ice on the way to the gorge. Every part of the kingdom has been developed in detail and with precision. The lanterns and torches add a special charm to the whole picture. If you take your time and look hard enough you will notice the illuminated icicles coming to life, vibrating and dancing.

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