Passive Income ways – PIW 1 – C54

Hi all, I would like to share some of the websites which offer to earn money as a passive income which are legit websites and you will be allowed to withdraw the money once the threshold is reached . I would like to stress that , this is just a passive income not a main stream income .

Today , I would like to talk about , which is a legit website which offers money through by clicking ads. In a day, you will be able to earn up to 1$ max ( It may vary depend upon the ads) if you are in a Gold membership. If you are a free account holder, you will be able to earn 11 cents a day. In platinum membership , I believe you will be able to earn close to up to 2S max a day. You can search on Youtube, there are many videos on this website saying that, it is a legitimate website and not a scam .

There are also some restrictions in creating this account , where I understand from the FAQs. I see there should be only one account should be created in a family because, they say, they will be able to track the IP and if they found more number of accounts logged in from the same IP address , there are more chances that, all the accounts will be suspended and all the amounts earned so far will not be credited. So please be aware of this and create your account. I also strongly recommend, during your initial days, please stay with the free account and make a decision for upgrading your account. Once you decide, be aware only once , you will be able to upgrade, you cannot upgrade the account from GOLD to PLATINUM once you upgrade your account for FREE to GOLD. Take your time and decide on whether you wanted to go for GOLD or PLATINUM .

Affiliate Marketing –

There is also a chance you could earn by placing an HTML code on your website, once they click the ad on your website, you will be able to earn 0.06 cents per click . If you have more traffic for your website, its a good option for you .

Payment –

Payments are being processed via your bank account or Paypal . You can decide on whether you want to credit in your account or paid via paypal.

Referral Links –

There are also Referral links as well . If you refer your friends to create an account, you will be getting a 0.08 Cents .

I’m sharing my links , If you are interested, you can use them , of course it is not mandatory.

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