Vienna – City of Music & Dreams – Schonbrunn Zoo – P4

The ZOO in Vienna is situated in the centre of the extensive Schönbrunn Palace park visit to which is also a great experience. The ZOO covers the area of 17 hectares and more than 8,500 animals live here. You can find there a lot of hidden places, attractions, food stands, interesting places and relaxing zones, so your trip to ZOO Vienna will take you almost whole day.

Annually visited by more than 2 million people, one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe – ZOO Schönbrunn in Vienna – is situated only a few kilometres away from the Slovak borders. It’s a great option (not only) for a family trip! You can get to Vienna comfortably also by a coach and one of the public transport lines will take you directly to the entrance.

The ZOO is open 365 days in a year, also during all bank holidays. The only thing you need to check is the change of the opening hours according to individual months (closing hours change).

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