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One of Europe’s most spectacular baroque palaces, Schonbrunn was home to the Habsburgs, the last ruling family of Austria-Hungary, for more than four hundred years. The palace’s museum showcases the history and culture of the Habsburgs, from the early days of the dynasty to the end of the monarchy. You’ll see the world’s most extensive collection of Habsburg-era art, including paintings, sculptures, and furniture, as well as maps, documents, and photographs. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits, which draw on the palace’s rich collections of decorative art and Habsburg-era artifacts.

The Schonbrunn Palace was the summer residence of the Imperial family in Vienna. Today, this former Imperial palace is a museum showcasing centuries of history and architecture, and is one of the best-preserved examples of a Baroque palace in the world. The museum traces the history of Schonbrunn from its construction in 1719 through to the end of World War II. The collection includes furniture, paintings, and sculptures, as well as original documents and artefacts.

The Heritage Museum at Schonbrunn Palace presents the history of the site and the dynasty that built it. From the history of Schonbrunn itself and the Schönbrunn Palace to the lavish ballrooms, state apartments and state galas of Vienna’s Habsburg emperors and empresses, the museum remembers the legacy of this great European dynasty. The museum also presents the history of Schönbrunn Palace, the largest of the imperial residences in Vienna, which was once the main residence of the Austrian emperors. Today, the palace is the official residence of the President of Austria.

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