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Dear all,

I ‘m very happy to acknowledge ” The Awesome Impact Award ” nominated by Akshaya Thulasi . Thanks a bunch for Akshaya for nominating my name and Congratulations to you for getting nominated at the first Shot !!! Way to go and Best Wishes for you !!!

I  Would like to express my thanks to Rad Gamer for identifying this award to appreciate the fellow bloggers. This is sure to be a motivating factor for all the bloggers who have a sincere passion towards write up .




About the award –

This award ” The Awesome Impact Award” was created by Rad Gamer , an awesome blogger in WordPress .

This was created when he was sitting on his chair and was thinking about a post idea, at that point he came up with this. He thought that this Award would share a really good message and an awesome vibe to whosoever who sees it. Also thought that everyone has had a moment when their life was impacted in a good way; it may be a trip, a person or something else. So he believes that this would be a really motivational thing to do.

About the Nominator –

Askshaya Thulasi – She is one of the finest blogger and often express her thoughts through poems. She also excels in pencil sketch 

please do check out her blog here

From my Mind

Ideas , thoughts etc what come to mind when i close my eyes ! simply it is what depends upon my little fellow mind

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The Rules :

  1.  Tag the person who nominated you.
  2.  Take “The Awesome Impact Award” Picture and add that in your post.
  3.  Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.
  4.  Nominate other awesome bloggers for this award.


About the positive thing in my life  –

Many Positive things in my life will have a very close connection with my Grand Father  (He is no more now) . It will be like, he will be driving it for me or he will be prime reason behind it .

One of the most positive incident in my life is – My life was on a series of disaster and things doesn’t turned up so well for me . My grandfather encouraged and supported me to come out of it .

It was on the month of December, I was staying in my grandfather’s home as the next day,  my interview scheduled at Chennai. I was almost failed in close to 40 + interviews and my self confidence was completely shattered. I really don’t know what to do in that moment. He was motivating me saying that ” I will be clearing the interview next day and he has the confidence on me” .  🙂  . I still remember the words he said ” I have confidence on you ”

I woke up around 3.30 AM in the next day , as I need to catch the first bus to Chennai , so I can reach the Center on time for Interview. My grandmother did Puja for me and both blessed me , that I will be clearing the interview and not to worry about anything and asked me to call them once I m done. They sent me with a smiling face and I reached Bus stand around 4.30 AM and about to step in to the bus, there is a hand touched my shoulders , It was my grand mother asked me to take my breakfast first and advised me not to skip at any cost and comforted me saying that I will be clearing the interview . It was a very touching moment for me when I realize she came all the way from home to bus stand without Footwear.

You guys won’t believe the magic happened that day.

The interview went so many rounds with Group Discussion in the beginning. At last they announced, I cleared the interview and selected for the training. That moment was one of the most happiest & Positive thing happened in my life and I realized the positive vibes of my grandparents should have been penetrated through me to clear the interview.

” I have confidence on you ”  – This magical words should be the Key for Success that day

He is such a positive energy for me & I m missing him so much today 🙁 

Blogging –

Blogging is not something which i really wanted to start this year, as the interest in blogging was started in 2016 itself, unfortunately that didn’t turned up due to personal and official commitments . I started realizing myself so positive after starting my blogging  and thinking now, I should have started it in 2016 🙂 . 

There are so many talents here, plenty of creativity, Many dimensional thinking, Positive analysis, Daily Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Drawing, Pictorial representation, Sketches, Paintings. I really can’t stop as the list gooooooooooes on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

Every talent here is unique and would like to Appreciate and Congratulate Each and Every one of you 

My Nominees –


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Congratulations to all the Nominees and  Thank you once again Akshaya for nominating me

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  1. Congratulations Prasanth!!! 🙂

    What a beautiful story about your grandparents. Thank you for sharing. Loved reading it – esp the part about your grand mother in the bus stop. Such love and blessings are priceless. 🙂

  2. Wow! The power of believing in others, the amazing gift of grandparents to motivate us and pull us back together. Congratulations on your award! 🙂

  3. so inspiring and positive vibes….Great Prasad …..Keep going ahead with blessings and success in life.. God bless.

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