Tuesday Photo Challenge – Anticipation

On the Way to Amarnath Cave –

This is Sangam Junction. Our anticipation was so high as we are able to see the cave from this location. It looks to be very close, but it is approx close to 2.5 KM from this place.


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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Anticipation

  1. Is the cave there in this picture? I am not able to see it….where were you? On the path on the right side of the picture — the whole scene is amazing, spectacular and out of this world 🙂

    1. Yes.. the cave is visible from that place, may be in the picture it is not clear.. sorry abt that… Have you read my Amaranath Holy cave and Amarnath Sequence of Events blog..? you can take a look for more details and more pictures in that post as I have added more pics in there

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