Wayanad – Enteveedu Homestay – Day 2 – P2

This is the way to reach Enteveedu 


Enteveedu Front View


Enteveedu Side View –


Farm – 


Bamboo House – 



Surroundings –

The surroundings of Enteveedu was full of flora, trees and Farm . For the
individuals who are busy with your day to day schedules and needed to
escape for a rest and stay, its a best place. During night time, Insects and birds chirping will give us a feeling of loneliness. It is one of the best experience staying away from home.  Owner said, there are chances elephants charging this place during the evening around and they likewise confronted once. 




Video for the readers to get an Idea of Enteveedu Surroundings –

Bamboo Hut – Just to have fun to take Pictures


Room details –  

The rooms are well maintained with respect to cleanliness and the services they offer are OK. All the rooms have TV & A/C Facilities.

We booked Akash, Chandra and Soorya Rooms for 3 families and the total Charge for all these rooms is Rs.21500 . Our head count is 9 members. This is for 2 night and 3 days stay which includes Complimentary breakfast and Dinner is charged separately .

The room pictures have been available in the  enteveedu link

Dinning Hall –

Dining hall in the first floor was Nice, but it may not suitable if it rains, so dining
in the ground floor close to Kitchen was apt.



Time & Distance –

Enteveedu is situated in Panamaram area in Wayanad. It is near Kuruva Island
yet not for other Places. From here, you would atleast travel in excess
of 15 KM to achieve any touring places. The time taken to achieve different
places will be more than 45 min because of the Ghat section & Forest route. As Wayanad
has touring places covering 50 KM range, I wouldn’t suggest this place for the
individuals who needed to explore within few days. If you truly needed to
appreciate the stay with minimal visit, Please don’t think, Just go with your family to this place and enjoy the stay.

For us, We are able to cover only 2 places a day as plenty of time wasted in travel. If the place includes trekking then you may needed to close the day for rest.

Day 2 – Kuruva Island  & Wildlife Sanctuary & Thirunelli Temple 

  •  2nd day Morning Breakfast – Egg Appam/Poori – Sabji / Chutney

Our Second day started with more enthusiasm for Kuruva Island . We started our Journey to Kuruva Island after finishing our breakfast. We reached the Island and enjoyed our time  and finished our extraordinary Lunch in Aswati Bhavan .

Reader may want to break out here for Kuruva Island


Post lunch, We had some fun with zipline and visited Wildlife in tholpetti , finally completed the day with Thirunelli Temple and purchasing forest Honey.



  • 2nd day Dinner – /Rice/daal/Papad/Rasam/fish fry/Curd/Sabji

That night we didn’t experience rain , so after our dinner, they arranged Campfire for us. It was really funny and Kids enjoyed so much with dance. That’s the end of day 2.

I will cover the rest in my next post


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