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Greetings all, Let me start the Journey of  visiting a couple of temples , that took a turn in the middle and ended up in a memorable Journey of Courtallam and Thamirabharani that will be remembered for a long time in my life as plenty of decision making was happening on the run  !!!!… Even I m surprised !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time 7 AM – From Kanchipuram –

Last Year , Second half was busy with official commitments and had no time to relax, I was thinking to visit couple of temples near by Kumbakonam and also wanted to Visit Tanjore , but the later doesn’t happen by the way. The right time came during Dusherra Weekend, I planned to visit those temple as it will take a day to reach and return .

I took an additional day off ( Friday ) and planned to Visit Tanjore as well. When we actually started our Journey from Kanchipuram and on the way to Pondicherry, things started to change and plenty of unplanned requests came from my dad … lol 🙂 

Time 10 AM – Near Pondicherry –

As we reach Pondicherry, my father suggested that he needed to Visit Thirunelveli for Thamirabharani Maha Pushkaram ( It happens once in 144 Years ) . Initially I was not convinced because of the distance that we will have to travel as the time is 11 AM in  Pondicherry already , I was afraid whether we may miss the actual plan of visiting the temples and I really don’t want to mess that up for a reason and suggested my dad that I wanted to visit those temples first and later we can decide on further proceedings on Thirunelveli . Surprisingly my dad said OK 🙂 ...

Mahapushkaram Information  –

Map to Reach Vaitheeswaran Temple from Chennai – 


Time 3 PM – Vaitheeswaran Temple  –

We reached Vaitheeswaran temple around 3 PM . We could see the temple is closed and will be open around 4.30 PM .






We finished up our darshan here and visited an another temple around 6.30 PM. So we finally completed our actual plan and my dad’s proposal came in for review again. 

During a long journey, Car driver should co-operate else it will be a big mess and all the unplanned events will be collapsed, so we discussed the plans with him and with no time, he agreed and even he wanted to visit Tirunelveli as well. So we all are in sync and the plan set for Thirunelveli . So from Kumbakonam, the easiest way to reach Thirunelveli is to reach Thiruchi from Kumbakonam and take the NH from there .

The route plan was really excellent, but we never know there are more surprises awaited for us on the way to Thirunelveli !!!!!!!!!!!


                              To be Continued ………


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