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Time – 10.30 PM – Madurai

We Started from Kumbakonam around 7 PM and on the way we finished our dinner , reached Madurai bypass around 10.30 PM. We are in an assumption that everything is going to OK as in another 3 hours, we will be reaching Thirunelveli, but never expected  more twist by Nature.

Climate –

Throught out the day we experienced a dry weather as no sign of rain anywhere,  while reaching Madurai bypass, a slight drizzle started and we thought it would be good as it may not be going to be heavy. But slowly our assumption went wrong as we move away from the city, heavy rain started and driver was not able to accelerate , even we don’t want him to speed up . We never expected this much of heavy rain on the way . We should have reached the city by 1.30 AM , but  due to heavy rain , we reached the city only at 2.45 AM. You won’t believe me the Heavy rain started from Madurai bypass and it continued until we reach Thirunelveli .

Time – 3 AM – Thirunelveli 

We reached the city, heavy rain become slight drizzle now and we started looking for the options available for our stay. We found a hotel and enquired about the details for rooms and came to know a SHOCKING NEWS that all the hotels in Thirunelveli was occupied due to the long weekend accompanied by Mahapushkaram event and NO ROOMS available on any hotels in the city . It was a shocking news for us and requested them for a room atleast till 8 AM in the morning , as we came all the way from Kanchipuram for this event , but the hotel receptionist clearly said no rooms available in the hotel . He also called many other hotels and requested for a room, unfortunately nothing worked out . We are completely fed up as we are very tired as, no chances of drive anymore even driver was very tired . We tried many others hotels for a random luck , they all said the same thing . Due to the Mahapushkaram event , all the hotel rooms were booked in advance.

We enquired the hotel receptionist on any other possibilities for room, he suggested to go out of Thirunelveli is the only possibility for getting a room . We are dumb shocked, the time is past 3.30 AM in Thirunelveli itself and we looked in the brochure of  the Mahapushkaram event and came to know that , the event happens in 24 places around Thirunelveli and took a decision at 4.00 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!! to go out of city for stay is the only option available !!! 

The day ended with a good and a frustrated note , the temple visit was successful and the unplanned decision to Thirunelveli ( Close to 570 KM travel in a day)  ended up in a bad note due to the unavailability of stay. All are very tired and our energy level became very low. All we needed that time is a stay , so we had a discussion with the car driver and asked him to take rest  for a while and later , we decided to continue our Journey to a nearby Town …………..


To be Continued ………


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