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Time – 4 AM – Thirunelveli – 

After the room hunt disaster in Tirunelveli, we understood it could have been a sign from the nature to return 🙂 , yet we realized after reaching the City. We requested the driver to take rest and began searching for the alternatives around Tirunelveli. Around 24 places, Mahapushkaram occasion was organized and my father recommended to go a closest spot. Ambasamuthiram is one of the place , It is one of the wonderful Scenic spot in South Tamilnadu . We doubt we may not get stay in Ambasamuthiram and chose to go to Tenkasi for stay. From Tirunelveli to Tenkasi , the distance is close to 50 KM . From Tenkasi, Ambasamuthiram was around 35 KM.

We are uncertain about whether we would get the stay in Tenkasi, how ever the hotel receptionist was certain that stay can be profited in Tenkasi. This time, we truly needed to get things straight, as a day went in fiasco subsequent to voyaging more than 500KM  and would prefer not to squander another 100 KM. Rain stopped around 4.30 AM. We finally decided to take a call to reach Tenkasi. Driver agreed  and we reached Tenkasi around 5.30 AM. 

Time – 5.30 AM – Tenkasi – 

Surprisingly after reaching Tenkasi, the events started changing. We got the stay in the Tenkasi Town itself and our ultimate goal that time is to take rest first and after 10.30 AM, we would wanted to draft a plan for Ambasamuthiram. We took rest and wake up around 9.30 AM and started looking for options for Breakfast. Hotel Anandha Bhavan in Tenkasi , It was a good choice for breakfast as the quality of food/taste was OK and price was decent.

Time – 10.30 AM – Ambasamuthiram –  

Started around 10.30 AM for Ambasamuthiram and reached the town. Town overflowed with People for the Pushkaram occasion , that was really well-arranged in this small town. We saw few places and chose to go couple of more miles for a decent spot for Holy Plunge …..

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On the way pictures –







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