BRNO – Moravian Karst – Catherine’s Cave – P2

Catherine’s Cave –

The Catherin’s Cave is about 580m Long. The temperature is about 7-8 C, the air humidity is almost 100%. In the winter, there are bats here, so in the month of December, Januray and February it will be closed. The total time taken to cover this cave will be 30 to 40 minutes .

Stops in Catherin’s Cave –

  1. Main Dome
  2. Bamboo Forest
  3. Dome of Chaos
  4. Witch

How to reach –

Public Transport –

From Brno, Catch a train from Main train station which goes to Blansko , It’s a 30 min travel from Brno to Blansko. Once you reach Blansko, you can get Bus number 226 to reach Skalni Mlyn . It will take 15 to 20 min to reach Skalni Myln from Blansko. Once you reach Skalni Mlyn, Just 5 min walk to Catherin’s Cave from the ticket counter .

Note : If you are travelling on a weekend, remember , bus frequency is very limited .

You can also book a cab from Brno, but it would be expensive, so the choice is yours as I would suggest to go by Public transport.

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