Wayanad – Edakkal Caves – Day 1 – P2

Mangalore Express – Chennai to Calicut – Time : 5 PM to 4 AM Next day
Let’s begin with the Journey from Chennai, Mangalore Express departed chennai around 5 PM that day and around 4.20 AM next day , the train should reach Calicut. Unfortunately, the train reached a bit early to Calicut around 4 AM in the Morning , Alarm triggered on the cell phone at the same time and waked us up to find out whether it was Calicut station, Shockingly, it was Calicut station and the kids were in deep sleep and in a rush, we sent the kids and ladies to get down from the train and took up throwing our luggages in the platform thinking that the train will be departing in another 5 min. We looked around the coach in a haste and made certain we got all our luggages and got down from the train.
Lighter Moments in Calicut – Time : 4 AM
A series of lighter moments started the same time, Calicut station has 2 ways to exit, but we never aware of that and started thinking the way which we SAW is the Exit and went near the Car parking. All of a Sudden a car driver came to us and began packing our luggages in the Car, the interesting thing was, none of us asked his name and travels details , after boarding of few luggage, We asked his name and surprised that he is not our car driver 🙂 lol 🙂 . There was a sudden trigger of Laughter from all of us realizing ourselves that we all are half the way sleep and saw the time, it was 4.15 and could see the train haven’t departed yet and our laughter continued for throwing our bags in the platform. Just about 15 min of hunt in the station with the language barrier, we at last identified the driver and started the Journey towards Wayanad.The cab driver never speak nor answered to our question 🙂 , he just followed his rules from travels and never allowed any one to open the car window even on emergency 🙂
Reached Enteveedu
We reached Enteveedu Homestay around 7.30 AM. I will be writing an another blog on Enteveedu Homestay and its surroundings. Our cab driver came around 9 AM and after finishing our breakfast , we started to explore our first place .
Edakkal Caves
Edakkal caves located at an altitude of 1200m above mean sea level on Ambukutty Mala. If you are a true fan of trekking and like to climb a great deal with minimal amount of safety, Edakal caves is for you. To get to the pedestal of a mountain from foothill, we needed to Trek approx 1.5 KM. The route is really steep and it’s tough for women and I could see the enthusiasm among kids as they just climbed it as a sport. Once you reach the base of the mountain, Purchase the entry tickets in the counter. From here, more steeper climbing to reach the top of Mountain through 300 steps

Welcome board on Foothill
Notice board on the Base

Edakal Caves


Pictures taken in Foothill
from this place, you need to trek for 1.5 km to reach the base of the mountainIMG_20180517_133249593



On the way from foothill to base, we get to see lot of monkeys grabbing snacks from people and kids . Monkeys are getting wild now a days and need to include it in Wild animals list 🙂 LOL 🙂DSC02647

Reached base

You can purchase entry tickets in the base and start climbing further to reach the top of mountain . As we start our climbing from here, we get to see a mixture of man-made stairs and rocky steps . Follow your steps along the rocky ones and climb slowly on the iron stairs..,

Entry ticket is 30 for Adults and 20 for children.dsc02652.jpg

Climbing through Rocks
You can see the climbing on rocks and stairs at the top
View after reaching a point
This is a Place where people can pass one by one between the crack of the rocks

Edakkal Cave
The name ‘Edakkal’ literally means ‘a stone in between’. It is an ancient rock shelter with three huge rocks making one to rest on the other two and middle serves as a roof.

Edakkal Cave
Top View



Pictures of Ancient Engravings
Edakkal Cave is famous for its Ancient engravings which represents various objects and cultural signs of past societies. It is clearly an evidence of human existence in this place as it should have been the residence for people who survived in the stone age. This stone age carvings are rare in South India.DSC02678


Tamil Scripts in Edakkal Caves.
We could also see scripts on Tamil as well . We felt truly happy and proud to see Tamil Language is being crafted on such a historical space and it is clearly evident on how old is our Language. The guide said, it should have been 6000 years before.
Pictures of Tamil Scripts


Panaromic View of the cave
Another view of the Cave

The time required to get to the peak of the Mountain and returning to the foothill will take close to 2 hours.
On Day1, we covered only 2 places. Edakkal Caves and Kanthanpara Falls. I will be covering Kanthanpara falls in a separate blog. We proceeded home that evening after covering Kanthanpara falls. Surprisingly, heavy rain in Panamaram location around 7.30 PM. We enjoyed the climate, had dinner & slept and getting charged up for the Kuruva Island for the next day.

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